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Yacht shows cater to some of the wealthiest clientele on the planet, from the royalty of Monaco to business magnates in California. Yachts — and boats in general — are products with extremely strong


Image Credit: Plastc When it comes to convenience, most of us will take the easy way out. Plastc, a new device that encompasses all debit, credit, and gift cards promises a new level of everyday purchasing convenience.


GoPro – the company that straps a camera on your head while skydiving – was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman when he first got the idea for his $500M+ company on an Australian surfing trip. He was frustrated with the inability of regular digital cameras to capture close-up shots of the waves while surfing. […]


What’s a Value Proposition? When I was at the MarketingSherpa 2015 Email Summit this past February, I sat down for an interview with their Director of Editorial Content and my friend, Daniel Burstein, where I told him what a value proposition is, and why it is crucial for your business. If you as a business owner are ignoring a […]


Image Credit: Idreamlikecrazy on Flickr Throughout the years of working with clients to develop their value proposition or enhance their branding and messaging, I often get an interesting request. Namely, to create a value proposition for their company. They hope to establish a single value proposition for their entire company– a “meta” value proposition that […]


Image Credit: Katie Brady on Flickr You don’t have to look far to find a company that has developed their value propositions, branding and messaging strategy from an inside-out perspective. Take, for example, Tivo. Why didn’t they take over the world? Why weren’t they Apple TV?



​I was sitting outside the reception area for Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit on the first day, looking forward to ​delivering a keynote​ ​talk ​on the ​Five Critical Questions Every Value​ ​Prop Must ​A​nswer.

I was thinking about and appreciating how the folks at MarketingSherpa had treated me – and everyone around – in a truly first class way.


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Your customer wants to know the financial impact that your offering will have on their business– but don’t think you can just slap a price sticker on your product and call it a day. A price sticker, or even a thorough and well presented proposal, isn’t a conversation.