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In all honesty, I’m not really one for Facebook or Smartphone games. I don’t “get” Farmville, and I’ve seen (but never tried) my kids play Angry Birds, and that’s generally the extent of my first-hand, game-app knowledge. Except when it comes to one game: Words With Friends.


Please tell me you’ve seen the Caine’s Arcade video. If you haven’t, don’t waste another minute – check it out here. Caine is a kid with true entrepreneurial spirit who spent his summer building an arcade out of cardboard boxes in his dad’s auto parts shop. This cardboard arcade is completely interactive – with inventive games, creative ways for receiving tickets, and an array of prizes…


One of the basic foundations of marketing is to humanize your brand – to make it known, trusted, and, well, accessible. It’s no longer enough to have a TV (or Hulu) commercial depicting a humanization of your brand or to have a banner on the side panel of Facebook. What you need to do is build relationships.


By now, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about The Avengers. Actually, it’s been virtually impossible not to hear a lot about it. In the wake of the flop known as John Carter, Disney is pulling out all the stops to market this blockbuster. Much has been written about both The Avengers and John Carter, especially on entertainment sites and magazines. But what do their corresponding marketing campaigns teach the company trying to market a chemical analyzer or Droid-based phone?


“There is no good reason or explanation for why we are not engaging or learning from customers. As it stands today unfortunately, the chart above says everything about how businesses see and value customer relationships. This.must.change.” – Brian Solis


Do you Yahoo? If the numbers are any indication, then you probably don’t – you’ve probably taken your search to Google, your social interaction to Facebook, and your entertainment to YouTube. Over the last few years, Yahoo! has been floundering to find its identity, to say the least. Enter new CEO Scott Thompson (former executive […]


Have you ever stopped to think about what actually makes a thought leader? What makes them tick? How do they do what they do? And most importantly: how can you become one?


Who is your target audience? No, really– who are they? What are they tweeting about? What are they searching for? Why are they using your services in the first place?

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