Jose Palomino

About this Blog

Ok—here’s the thing: I love business. I enjoy people. I relish ideas and I love to help people bring ideas to market (yes, this is a paraphrase from Value Prop’s preface—but it is what I believe—and is a good place to start…)

Part of this (my interest and perspectives) has shown up as the content and tools that make up my book, this web site and the work I’ve done with g2m Group. And…part of this interest is my looking out at the world of business and noticing how things are working—how others are doing the hard and interesting work of setting themselves apart in crowded markets.

That’s what this blog will be about: my observations or “2 cents” and some linkages back to the principles I believe are worthwhile for those who engage is this tough work of bringing ideas to market—and making a profit doing so. What you won’t find here is much more than an occasional rant or riff on matters outside the marketing and sales domain—unless it’s tied to bigger issues or business trends and the overall global business landscape. Hopefully, the “Value Prop Blog” will give you some big ideas and insights you can use to set yourself, your company and your products apart.

Lastly—I want to ask you to join the conversation—use this blog as a “jumping off point” to develop some powerful ideas. Let me know if you think it’s helpful—or if you’d like me to focus on something in particular. I can’t promise I can do everything you might ask—but I will take it seriously and it matters to me.