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November 22, 2015

Post It Note

Well, no secret… I haven’t been blogging lately. “What happened?”

Simple. Got busy. Real busy. “Doing what?” you might ask. Well, we’ve been helping some really great companies figure out how to ignite their growth.

Here’s some of the areas they’re concerned about:

  • Examining their businesses to uncover specific blind spots that are constraining their growth – and focusing on the necessary actions to resolve them.
  • Defining the unique value they provide their customers; the one that gives them a distinct advantage against competitors.
  • Designing a clear view on how to enter markets to drive new opportunities, as well as to grow current opportunities.
  • Developing a framework to look at the competitive space they’re in.

So… the bottom line is that business is tough.  You know that, of course.  What’s new is that even “old dogs” can learn new tricks.  I see companies of all sizes asking themselves great questions, including the “what’s impossible?” question – the one where you ask your team, “what could we never do… that if we could do it, we’d win big?

Try it out… and then be quiet and let your team mull it over and answer it.  Inside that answer could be the next “Post it Note” or other clever innovation.

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