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Subway Image
Like millions of Americans, Subway is an everyday lunch. Every month or so I drop a Subway for a reliable Italian sub – and there’s pet peeve I have with the many (haven’t tried them all) stores in the chain: napkin hoarding!


Image Credit: Wikipedia Out of the Five Pivotal Sales Conversations, we discovered that most sales teams neglect what is perhaps the most important conversation that leading sales experts identify as critical for closing B2B deals. If your sales team is not equipped to address the concerns of your prospects — if they cannot mitigate risk […]


Puzzle #4

My client was selling floor tiles to a national retailer. Everything was in alignment as far as anyone could tell – and the retailer was thrilled that they would be saving thousands of dollars per store – and they had lots of stores. One day, the decision maker asked, “How do you clean the tiles?” My friend explained it was simple – just back and forth in a line.


Is your value proposition the best kept secret… in your own company?

A Value Proposition is the “true truth” about your product, service and company.

It is most often rendered as a statement that communicates the value you offer to your consumer – a statement that must be apparent in everything you do – from sales to marketing to how you answer the phones. There’s quite a bit more to it than that…


In order to have an even sharper grasp on the real world implications of this topic, I’ve been talking to sales leadership at some very interesting and diverse companies—all to learn what they had to say about the current state of sales and how important the right messaging was to their success.

That’s where Lisa Ginther Huh comes in. Lisa is the Group Manager of Sales Enablement at Avanade. Here’s what she had to say.


At some point, you have to frame your offering financially – not just in and of itself, but in comparison to your competitors. Nothing exists in a vacuum. You have to be able to explain the financial differentiation competitively when you’re asked – whether your offering is premium or the low-cost option. It is a conversation that requires very specific (and I mean nit-picky) attention.

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Timely Thanks

August 29, 2014

My kids are long past the days of elementary school birthday parties. After the cake, the sugar highs, the un-wrappings, and the whole shebang, I would receive a nice “thank you” card. Of course, in those days, the card was written by the parents, but the thought was still there.


A Sales Leadership Interview With Paul Pelletier – A lot of line managers know about adjusting when it comes to the end of the quarter. If your projected forecasts don’t exactly match the closed deals, you have to answer for it. But Paul said forecasting can be more scientific if you approach it in the right way.

If your salespeople are using an SSA or CRM, there are 1-8 stages – give or take. “You can apply an objective probability to each stage,” Paul said—and therein achieve a higher forecast accuracy.