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Outsmarting the Big Brands: An Entrepreneurial Mom & Her Kids

March 14, 2013

Original Post: A New York Mom Outsmarts Coke And Pepsi With A Cool Marketing Idea
By Avi Dan | February 11, 2013

“Cameron, a former advertising executive, decided to bring her branding skills to bear and tried serving water in a “cute little container.” This time her approach stuck. The kids thought that the new container was cool. And that’s how Rose Cameron stumbled on an idea that the big soft drink companies missed altogether: a healthy drink that kids would adopt as cool. The kids pretty much made all the creative decisions, which gave the brand its authenticity. Now, her little water company has grown from five unpaid interns to 30 full-time employees with national distribution.”

What a great story to remind us that the true entrepreneurial spirit is not dead!  Here comes a smart branding idea — a simple-yet-smart branding idea — straight from “the mouths of babes,” as they say.  This mother got her target market (you know… her kids) to tell her exactly what would make them drink water: a “cool” container.  How is it that the bigger brands couldn’t decipher this tactic any sooner?

Sometimes it takes someone on the front lines with personal investment because their determination is so strong.  And her mission is “about helping kids stay healthy,” not turning a profit (although I’m sure the profit is an added bonus!).

What other entrepreneurial stories have you heard recently that have inspired you?

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