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Note to Customer Service: Emotions Needed

February 13, 2013

Original Post: 3 Keys to Great Customer Relationships
By Geoffrey James | January 31, 2013

“Relationships are emotional rather than intellectual. Therefore, rather than treating customer relationships as business agreements, approach them as an interaction between your emotions and those of the customer.”

In this post, James provides us excellent points for connecting with your customers by developing emotional skills.  I especially appreciate #1 — “Self Awareness” — because that’s not often talked about when striving for customer relations.  Not only does it help you stay grounded in the humanity of the customers, but it also humanizes you — making you more trustworthy and the customer more at-ease.

One more I would suggest: “Maintaining Contact.”  If you’re at a hotline center and you receive a call that needs resolution, call back even before there is resolution.  So many customer service places promise things but then don’t deliver.  If you call back consistently to let the customer know of any updates (or even lack-thereof), they will feel cared for — especially in knowing they have not been forgotten.

I ran a two-part series on customer service last week — check it out here.

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