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Facebook’s Graph Search: Should Google Be Scared?

January 24, 2013

Original Post: Graph What? Why Facebook is Moving Big into Search
By Matthew Zeitlin | January 15, 2013

“Instead of just searching for content that already has its own page on Facebook—think fan pages, groups, or events—Graph Search will allow users to make much more specific searches. The results will be culled from information users have already put on the social network.”

What do you think of Facebook’s first true attempt at search?  I think it’s fascinating and — whether or not you think it makes sense from a search standpoint — it’s going to catch on quickly, especially in the Millennial generation.  It’s what Google has been trying to do — moving from objective search results to tailored results for YOU.   But try as they did, Google Plus just didn’t catch on the way that Facebook continues to corner the social market.  Facebook has a clear leg up on Google for “social search” because the users are ALREADY THERE.  And even more than that — they trust their friends’ recommendations over anonymous reviews — a big plus for businesses with strong customer advocates on Facebook.

So what does it mean for B2C businesses?  It means even more customer engagement specifically on Facebook, and more resources to attain it.

What does it mean for Google?  I’m not sure — clearly they aren’t winning the social platform battle, at least with the masses.  What do you think their next move should be?

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