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Think You Know Social? Think again!

November 15, 2012

Original Post: Small Business Strategy: 10 Trends to Watch
By Brian Solis | November 5, 2012

This plugged-in and always-on customers are learning to see the world differently. They’re empowered and they’re entitled. As a result, disruptive technology is grooming customers to expect information and opportunities to find them… If you thought that having a social media strategy and presences in the most popular social networks was enough, think again.

This post is so useful and forward-thinking, and I truly appreciate Brian bringing it to light. So much attention has been drawn to social media and its usefulness to small companies — but all the information tends to be of the same ilk. The problem is that most of us are complacent in using social media, and we’re not thinking ahead (or perhaps — not even thinking in the moment).

What I love most about this post is that Brian doesn’t just remind us to ask, “What’s NEXT?” but actually offers tangible ways into enter into the “next” or “now” phase of social. I highly recommend reading the article closely, going through Brian’s list, and asking: What am I missing? What’s next in my social media strategy?

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