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Storytelling: Are We Practicing What We Preach?

November 14, 2012

Original Post: Have we lost the art of storytelling in marketing?
By Drew McLellan | November 5, 2012

As we give way to our USA Today sound byte style of sharing information, are we losing the emotional tug of telling a great story? …We buy based on our emotions and justify the purchase with the facts offered. But we very rarely buy on facts alone….Storytelling in marketing isn’t just to entertain or be memorable. It is to drive brand loyalty and increased sales.

We all know that storytelling is key in marketing and sales, but how many of us actually live by this knowledge? I’m thinking specifically of small businesses who are B2B rather than B2C. How can these businesses capitalize on storytelling when it’s not an obvious emotional tug? The thing is that businesses like Hallmark sort of live in the storytelling, emotional-tug landscape, but a consulting firm — not so much. So how can I — and others in similar professions — give my potential clients stories that will hit home? Certainly, testimonials help, but there’s something cold about them — there must be an extra push for storytelling, for leveling with the customers in a way that makes sense, causes them to go, “Ah-ha!”, and increase your selling power.

If you’re in b2b, how have you utilized storytelling?

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