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Making Sense of Your Customer Service Strategy

November 2, 2012

Original Post: Reverse Customer Service Strategy
By Diane Helbig | October 12, 2012

Companies often spend more time thinking about what THEY need instead of what their CLIENTS need. That’s backwards. I know it may seem like they care when they want to be sure the customer service experience was good.

Sometimes I wonder if the people running certain customer service departments have ever been customers themselves. So many of the policies I have run into as a customer just lack common sense. It’s infuriating. Honestly, all it takes is a little insight — putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, or just thinking back to a time (or two) when you were not helped by customer service. Why is it so many companies forget this important step?

In order to help myself remember how to conduct my business, I tend to blog about bad customer service experiences from my end. I always make sure the lessons learned are applicable to my business, as well as to other small businesses.

What do YOU do to ensure your customer service strategy makes sense?

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