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Customer Service: What’s the Biggest Myth?

November 1, 2012

Original Post: The Myth of Customer Service
By Rieva Lesonsky | October 17, 2012

Like all myths, the myth of customer service [“Customer service is the most important thing your business can do”] isn’t entirely untrue. Customer service is a distinguishing factor for small businesses, and customers do care more about it than ever in this world of Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and other customer service stars. But if you can’t deliver what you promise, the sweetness of those promises won’t matter much in the end.

I guess the myth here is that customer service is only about being kind and returning phone calls. True customer service goes much further — it ensures that the problem is fixed in a timely manner, or the customer will be fairly compensated. I can’t even begin to tell you (although we probably all know from first-hand experience, unfortunately) how frustrating it is to consistently call customer service to receive no solution.

This customer service problem could be fixed when training the employees. A lot of time, I’ve found that the rep is hesitant to transfer me to someone who can actually help, and just continues to be sympathetic. But I don’t need sympathy — I need solutions! If reps knew exactly when to pass the baton — if managers communicated clearly what warrants a call transfer — and if companies had policies that made sense for the customer (that’s the big one, right?) — then we’d see a lot more productivity in customer service.

And the bottom line?  If you can’t fix the problem, then find a way to make that person happy — and not on the hundredth call.

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