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The Difference Between Connected and Traditional Customers

October 11, 2012

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Why Do Customers Use Social Networks for Customer Service? Because They Can…
By Brian Solis | October 2, 2012

When faced with a problem or question concerning a product, traditional customers will first seek out resolution through traditional service means. Connected customers, on the other hand, will either first express dissatisfaction to their friends in a social channel and/or proceed to search for or ask peers and companies for help in online communities or social networks. In other words, traditional customers will seek out information and connected customers expect resolution to find them.

I’m intrigued by the findings about the difference between traditional and connected customers. Companies can’t solely focus on the traditional, because then they abandon their influence to the next generation. Similarly, they can’t only focus on the connected, because the traditional customers are still a driving force. It definitely takes a balance, and I think more companies should be doing research — or at least reading blogs that present the research — so they can better understand how to serve their customers effectively.

I wonder if more and more, customer service departments will have to grow to cover both types of customers, and especially to be available to the connected customers — and respond as fast on Twitter as the customers are expecting.

What do you think? Do you see CS departments growing, or just trying to stretch their people as far as they can go?

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