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Model the Behavior to See the Behavior

October 17, 2012

Original Post: Leadership Truths that Every Leader Needs to Know
By Dale Kirk | October 4, 2012

If you want employees to adopt certain behaviors, develop specific skills and display particular attributes then you have to model them yourself first. Leaders who have a strong set of principles and guiding values, and who live by them, command much more respect than those who don’t.

Here’s another top-notch list of things business leaders should aspire to embody — this time from Small Business Trends. I definitely agree with being the change in order to see the change in others. Specifically things that I try to model are being available and remaining trustworthy — and I think these are common qualities of great leaders.

If people are reaching out to you for help or mentoring, make sure you are reachable. If you make an appointment, keep it. This takes a lot of effort and practice, but it’s important — just as you want people to remain considerate of your time, so you should remain considerate of theirs.

What behaviors do you attempt to model in order to see these behaviors in others?

What other leadership qualities would you add to Dale Kirk’s list?

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