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Turn Your Tweets into Comics

June 7, 2012

Original Post: Turn Tweets into Comics
By Emma Hutchings | May 30, 2012

The company’s “Social Emotion Engine” (SEE) automatically analyzes tweets and classifies them by emotion, showing you matching colors and illustrations you can choose to add to the text. After authorizing it with your Twitter account, you can start posting tweets with comics using the ‘Feel on!’ web app, which show up in your normal tweet as a Twitter picture.

My Quick Take:
Now here’s an innovative little idea. Japanese startup company, L is B, has decided that “Digital Communication Needs Emotion,” and they’re acting on this belief in a very creative way. “Feel On!” is a Twitter client that analyzes your tweets based on emotion, and develops a comic strip that you can post directly onto your feed. Although it’s currently only available in Japan, an English version is rumored to come out sometime this month.

I wonder what sort of niche this web app will fill. Sure, it’s an intriguing and innovative spin on tweeting, but will it catch on? Is there a market/need/interest for it? What do you think?

And more importantly: I wonder what sort of comic my Hulk Smash! post would generate on Twitter. Only time will tell!

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