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Don’t Miss Your Chance

March 28, 2012

Original Post: Etch-a-Sketch newsjacking opportunity falls into Ohio Arts lap
by David Meerman Scott | March 23, 2012

“Sometimes, the Newsjacking gods shine on you and present an opportunity that is so perfect that you can’t help but jump in. […] The only mistake the company is making is that they have not created any original content to take advantage of the sudden media interest.”

My Quick Take:

What a great slice-of-life post to remind us of some real-world business implications.  I never considered these missed opportunities of Etch-a-Sketch, and it makes me wonder how many times we miss the chance to capitalize on our own opportunities — whether it be in the news or in passing conversation.  How can we remain better aware of these opportunities before they pass us by?  I honestly think one way is continuing to remain aware of other company’s PR successes and failures, and that means being consistent in reading blogs and the news.

What other ways do you think we can remain “in the know” with our (unforeseen) marketing opportunities?

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