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Alignment Problems

March 12, 2012

Original Post: Don’t Take a Bad Deal
by Chris Brogan | March 1, 2012

I would rather not compromise my business for any short term benefit, because it never translates into a better product in the longer term. I learned that I must stick to my plan, lest I deliver a less-than-quality experience to my buyer.”

My Quick Take:

“Don’t take a bad deal.”  This is a great reminder – and one I’ve given a lot of thought to, just worded in a different way. I like to say it’s important to “know thy customer,” which includes knowing who is not your customer. For example, if you’re marketing your product to emphasize the quality over the price, an overly price-conscious customer is not your target, and mis-aligning with such a customer could lead to a bad deal. It’s important to know who you’re reaching out for in order to get the best deal – or, in other words, the better-aligned prospect.

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