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QT: 10 Types of Helpful SEO Content

February 14, 2011

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February 13, 2011 | by: Mark Jackson

“As much as things have changed in SEO, especially over the past two years, some things remain a constant. Content in all of its forms is what will drive you to success….‘We’d need to create a helluva lot of unique, resourceful, quality content to show the search engines that your site is worthy of rank.’” (more…)

My Quick Take:

SEO is certainly important to attract lots of visitors to your website, but the purpose isn’t merely to get them to your landing page, racking up as many one-time clicks as possible– it’s to attract the right visitors, direct them to something of value to them on your site, and keep them coming back.

I appreciate your emphasis on thinking about your audience– what are they looking for? What questions are they asking the search engine? –as well as considering what content works best on which platform, and how the audience is interacting with the content. Great insights!

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