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We’re all familiar with this story. A business is at the top of its game, makes a trajectory-decision based on an assumption, and subsequently misses the mark. In this case, the business is Netflix…


Branding presents a cohesive and consistent message to the right prospects about what your product or service stands for, and what it promises to do. Take into account who else is messaging to your market, and how your target customers think, then translate that understanding into your design.

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Although Blackberry has entered the lexicon as a standard reference to smart phones, the reality is that for the last five years, Blackberry has been losing market share to iPhones and Android.


The “1 Pager”

October 11, 2011

Developing the 1 Pager, more than other collateral, lets you capture your value proposition and the supporting details, while limiting you to the front and back of a single slice of paper.


Here’s an important question for you. What are you working on? You’ll probably tell me that your “plate is full.” You no doubt have plenty to do and lots of items on your agenda…


5 Reasons Why Social Media is a Fad and Not Relevant for my Business.


Every part of your organization is working toward sales transactions. Pricing establishes the amount of revenue and profits from those transactions, and determines the volume, velocity and value of your sales.

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7 Steps for Converting Your Knowledge and Brain Power into a Real Business – It’s no secret that over the last several years, business has been increasingly tough, and in many ways, it has been arguably tougher on middle management than on any other group of workers.