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Virtual reality is one of the fastest-growing areas of the technology world, projected to be a $5.2 billion industry by 2020. It’s clear to see why virtual reality is such a popular niche — it’s revolutionary in […]



Instant noodles are a staple in the diet of every college student and starving artist in the world. Everyone has heard of famous brands like Nissin Cup of Noodles, Maruchan, and Nissin Chikin Ramen, and most people have […]



If your life is anything like mine, then you probably have days when you think your business card should include “Task and Idea Juggler.” For many of us — myself included — it can be difficult to remember to […]



With more and more business services becoming automated, it feels like every day we lose a little bit more of the human side of sales. Customer service helplines cycle callers through a handful of machines before they ever speak to a real human, and online ordering means […]

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Sense, Sensitivity, and…X-Men?

September 20, 2016

The most recent installment in 20th Century Fox’s superhero movie franchise — X-Men: Apocalypse — recently fell into one of the booby traps set by our current political climate. They didn’t stop to think about their customers’ feelings.

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Challenging the Status Quo: the Key to Innovation

September 13, 2016

18th century physician Edward Jenner earned his place in the history books by creating the first vaccine and effectively curing the deadly smallpox virus. Generations of people remember him for his contribution to the well-being of the entire world. He was more than just

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Customer Service Hostility

September 6, 2016

Recently, I was in Montreal and had the opportunity to stay at a very nice hotel. Everything was great. Even though it was a business trip it’s always nice to have certain amenities while on the road. The quality of the room, food, and service was excellent. Except for one thing

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Fantastic Four: Just How Valuable is Name Recognition?

August 30, 2016

The 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture — as well as Worst Remake, and Worst Director. Critic consensus on Rotten Tomatoes gives it a whopping

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