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Starbucks Coffee Storefront

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The Cost of a Cup

How much do you spend each week on coffee?

If you’re like most people, you know that answer is probably, “too much!” Perhaps you’ve noticed monthly subscription-based services make the case that their premium membership can be had “for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee!”. And even if they imply that the cost is $5.50 per day, that would still be within what’s considered an “average” range. Of course, we have Starbucks to thank for that. You might also have read personal finance listicles and blog posts urging you to cut out “the daily coffeeshop visit” to find hundreds of dollars in savings that you never realized you were spending.

So, as a society, we’re pretty used to thinking about our repeat spending in units of “a daily cup of coffee”. But how much money do you think you will spend on made-to-order coffee over the course of your lifetime? Read More »


What Would be Amazing

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What would happen if you could find a restaurant that remembers your seating preferences, greets you by name, and leads you to your table as soon as you walk in? What if they could remember your meal preferences, and remember what you like for each category of their menu? Would you give them your business more often than other places that don’t? Would that be amazing? Read More »


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Throughout the years of working with clients to develop their value proposition or enhance their branding and messaging, I often get an interesting request. Namely, to create a value proposition for their company.

They hope to establish a single value proposition for their entire company– a “meta” value proposition that will encompass and communicate the essence of everything they do. The fact is, for any company with more than one major product offering or service line, that is never going to work. Let me give you an example… Read More »


Tivo Branded

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You don’t have to look far to find a company that has developed their value propositions, branding and messaging strategy from an inside-out perspective. Take, for example, Tivo. Why didn’t they take over the world? Why weren’t they Apple TV? Read More »


3 Sane Steps to Find Your Target Market and Build a Customer Profile– Without the Witchcraft

April 2, 2015

target market customer profile

You have an idea for a new product or a business. You know how you’re going to produce it, how you’re going to price it, how you’ll fulfill your orders… now you just have to figure out who you’re going to sell it to.

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How to Innovate When There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

March 26, 2015

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet that will teach them how to innovate. Have you ever heard about a new product or service or blog or article idea and thought, man, I wish I had thought of that? Or looked at your competitor’s offerings and wished that yours could stand out more? How about seeing the new trend of the week that’s gone viral, and wishing that you had been the one to catch lightning in a bottle? If you have ever thought that maybe, just maybe, what you’re bringing to the market isn’t different enough, this post is for you.

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In Business, Nice Guys CAN Finish First

March 19, 2015


​I was sitting outside the reception area for Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit on the first day, looking forward to ​delivering a keynote​ ​talk ​on the ​Five Critical Questions Every Value​ ​Prop Must ​A​nswer.

I was thinking about and appreciating how the folks at MarketingSherpa had treated me – and everyone around – in a truly first class way.

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What an Ugly Fish Can Teach You About Risk Alignment

March 5, 2015


You already know that to successfully negotiate a purchase, you need to overcome the series of doubts that come pre-packaged in your customer’s head, before they ever even hear of you. In this series, we’ve been examining exactly what those doubts are, and how companies have successfully (and unsuccessfully) navigated them through their advertising, marketing messages and value proposition statements. This week, we’re going to look at the concept of risk, as demonstrated by one ugly little fish.

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